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Native Speaker for an entire day

At Primrose, each group has two homeroom teachers: a native speaker English teacher and a Polish teacher. In such way, children learn the language in a natural way, just as they do in bilingual families. Every teacher spends eight days with their group and implements their own curriculum.


Know the world and develop

The foundation of all our educational efforts are care and respect. Our teachers have those two principles in mind. Our methodology, the plan of the day, our rules and how we treat our students are based on children’s natural needs: need to be nurtured and grow, need to feel safe, need to learn the world and develop, to learn, and to play freely.


Ready for school

At Primrose, we follow a comprehensive, innovative program of school preparation that we have been successfully implementing for the past live years. We teach literacy, math, science, and life skills by means of world-acclaimed curricula such as Jolly Phonics, Mother Goose Time, Math Circle, and STEM approach.


Healthy eating

We want our children to eat fresh, healthy and balanced meals. Our meals are based on seasonal
products of highest quality. We avoid refined sugars and oils, white bread, farm-bred chicken and eggs. We teach children the philosophy of slow food.


Our friends

Where are we?

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ul. Bernardyńska 16A lok. U7
phone: +48 22 415 85 00
mobile phone 501 781 192
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